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Constance Hawke

Constance Hawke

Constance Hawke

In February 2013 Dr. Connie Hawke was selected to head up the new Compliance and Risk Management unit in the Division of Business and Finance. This includes several existing departments within the division: Airport Operations, Environmental Health and Safety, Fire Prevention and Safety, Real Estate and Research, Safety and Compliance.

Hawke joined Kent State University in 2000 as an attorney in the General Counsel office. Her  areas of expertise are research, regulatory compliance, technology licensing and partnerships, intellectual property and construction contracts. She also served as the associate vice president for federal government relations, acting as the federal liaison for the university on funding and compliance matters. 

Hawke has a bachelor's degree from Bowling Green State University She earned her law degree from Cleveland Marshall College of Law and also has a Ph.D. in higher education administration from Kent State.

Job Title

Assoc VP Compl & Risk Mgmt

Job Department

Compliance and Risk Management