International Travel Insurance

This insurance is for business related international travel.

Risk Management must be notified every time a University employee is traveling outside of the continental United States and Canada on KSU business. Failure to give proper notification could result in non-coverage.

Notify Elaine Ramhoff via e-mail at or contact Risk Management at 2-1949 with travel information including travelers, dates of travel, destination and department authorizing travel.

  • If you are traveling to a country that is sanctioned by the US Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC"), pre-authorization must be obtained from the insurer for coverage to apply.  For travel to an OFAC sanctioned country, such as Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Syria, etc., notification must be made to Risk Management no less than 45 days prior to traveling. A copy of the OFAC license along with an itinerary including modes of transportation is also required. It is the travelers' responsibility to determine if travel is to an OFAC sanctioned country and to properly notify Risk Management.
  • Groups of 15 or more employees flying together on university business must provide a list of travelers to Risk Management at least 30 days before departure.
  • All other foreign trips must be reported within 10 days of the departure date.
  • If traveling with a spouse, child, domestic partner or volunteer, complete the Non-University Employee Traveling With KSU Faculty/Staff form and fax to Risk Management at 2-3662 or send through campus mail to Room 310 Harbourt Hall.

Once notification has been given, print a copy of the WorldRisk International Travel insurance card. This card contains KSU's policy number and emergency contact information.

Read a summary of the AIG WorldRisk Foreign Travel policy