Radiation Safety Training

All new users of radioactive material receive training before beginning to work. This initial training consist of a module on the CITI Website.    After completing and passing the test new users must attend a lecture discussing the KSU Radiation Safety Manual and procedures. This is followed by a lecture and discussion on KSU Radiation Safety Manual and procedures for processing shipments, monthly wipe test, disposal, recording keeping, labeling, calibration of instruments, incident reporting monitoring badge program and an exam. Attendees must get a score of 75 or above to pass.

Annual training

Annual training for authorized user and radiation workers is accomplished with an annual radiation refresher training module in CITI. The module reviews information relative to radiation safety such as regulations, KSU guidelines and procedures and varies from year to year. Users are expected to demonstrate understanding of materials by taking a test at the end of the learning module. A score of 75 or higher must be obtained to pass the training.

Nonradiation Worker

All individuals that work in areas where radioactive materials are used or stored must complete the Radiation Training for Nonworkers in Flashtrain. This training will provide individuals working in a near radiation areas with the basic understanding of radioactive materials and the precautions that must be taken when working near these areas.

Ancillary Personal (Custodians Maintenance)

Custodians and maintenance personnel are provided with a notice about radioactive active use in certain laboratories. It is the policy of KSU that prior to any maintenance work done in the portion of a laboratory that has been designated for the use of radioactive materials that the area be “safed out” by the laboratory personnel. Prior to the job being done, the RSO conducts a survey of the area to ensure there is no radiation exposure. All maintenance and custodial crew are also told that if, for any reason, they feel the area is not safe they are to refuse to do the job until the area has been checked out and made safe. This policy also applies to any chemical use areas.