ARTech Studio


Address: Center for Visual Arts, 041 & 043 | 325 Terrace Drive | Kent, OH 44242
Phone: 330-672-2192
Node Contact: Katlyn Baird, Studio Art Technician | | 330-672-2192 


By appointment

The ARTech Studio is a resource for School of Art students, faculty, alumni, emeriti, and the surrounding community, to integrate the latest digital technologies and fabrication techniques in the making of visual art. The ARTech Studio provides access to high quality tools, materials, software, and instruction related to digital fabrication tools, and accommodates projects that are tied to curriculum as well as individual projects. We strive to raise awareness of this resource to all students across campus and to ensure that they are exposed to the many avenues for integration of these technologies into current studio art practice.  

Equipment, Features and Services

  • Graphtec Flatbed Plotter 
  • ShopBot CNC Router 
  • Formlabs 2 3D Printer 
  • Universal Laser Cutter