ARTech Studio

The ARTech Studio is a lab that makes new tech equipment available for school-wide student use, allowing students to incorporate traditional art practices with technology. Studio equipment includes a flatbed plotter, 3D printers, and CNC digital router with more to come!  ARTech Studio is located on the lower level of the Center for the Visual Arts (041 and 043). Open to all students. Please email the ARTech Studio Coordinator Shannon Hines at artechstudiokent [at] for appointments and questions.

Fall 2019 Hours

Monday/Wednesday - 2 - 5 p.m.

Tuesday/Friday - 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

ARTech Studio equipment and pricing

Download ARTech Studio Price List (PDF)

Mingda/Form 2 3D Printers - white/clear resin $0.30/ml; castable/flexible resin $0.60/ml 

Cube X 2nd Generation 3D Printer -  $0.15/gram

Graphtech Flatbed Plotter - vinyl/paper $0.15/linear inch; cardstock thick/paper/cardboard/felt $0.30/linear inch; pen tool $0.10/linear inch

 ShopBot CNC Router - 




 10 min.

  30 min.

  60 min. +

ARTech Studio

Vision for ARTech Studio

The ARTech Studio is a resource for School of Art students, faculty, alumni, emeriti, and the surrounding community, to integrate the latest digital technologies and fabrication techniques in the making of visual art. It accommodates projects that are tied to curriculum as well as individual projects. It is the goal of the ARTech Studio Task Force for digital fabrication tools to be fully integrated into Studio Art curriculum and projects, as appropriate. We strive to raise awareness of this resource to all students across campus and to ensure that they are exposed to the many avenues for integration of these technologies into to current studio art practice. The ARTech Studio is a resource for all of campus and the surrounding community to be able to access to high quality tools, materials, software, and instruction related to digital fabrication tools, and to be able to integrate these into research and teaching.