School of Art undergraduate students should meet with your academic advisor, Maria Robertson, at least once a semester in order to ensure you are on track in your degree plan as well as to check your progress toward graduation.

IMPORTANT: Maria Robertson will be doing remote advising ONLY for the fall 2020 semester. Please email her at to ask questions or set up a phone appointment. Virtual appointments via video chat will be available later in the semester.

Although it is important to meet with your faculty advisor regarding discipline-based course work, internships, experience in the field, and professional development; it is necessary to meet with Maria Robertson to discuss university policies, major requirements, remaining credits towards graduation and for an overall discussion to ensure you are progressing in your degree.

Your academic advisor and your faculty advisor are both here to assist you as you progress through your degree, but it is important to know that they serve different functions and address different areas of your education. Both are valuable resources for your success at Kent State University, so schedule time to see both advisors once a semester.

Advising FAQ

Graduate students who need advising should contact Graduate Coordinator, Peter Johnson at or 330-672-1362.