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The School of Art offers 5 different minors: Fine Art, Crafts, Accessories, Textiles, and Art History.  Minors require 21 credits in upper and lower-division courses to complete.  

The minor in Textiles allows students to focus on the craft, design and art of textile making using a variety of techniques and materials. The minor comprises 18-21 credit hours in a range of textiles courses, plus an optional three-credit course chosen from the ARTC, ARTF or ARTH sequences.

The minor in Accessories offers students an opportunity to focus on the design and production of innovative and unique objects within the studio areas of jewelry/metals/enameling and textiles, leading to the development of functional, decorative and wearable forms. It comprises 21 hours of coursework in jewelry/metals/enameling and textiles.

The minor in Art History comprises 21 credits, including Ancient and Medieval Art, Renaissance to Modern Art, and Art of Africa, Oceania & the Americas, plus an additional 12 credits in upper-division art history courses.

The minor in Crafts requires 12 credits in one of these areas: Ceramics, Textiles, Glass or Jewelry/Metals/Enameling.  Six (6) credits in electives are required in any of the aforementioned crafts areas (6 of the total 21 credits MUST be upper-division at the 30000/40000 level).

The minor in Fine Arts requires these classes: Drawing I, Sculpture I, Painting I and Printmaking I.  In addition, the student must complete 9 credits in Fine Arts Studio Electives (6 credits must be upper-division at the 30000/40000 level).    

To add a minor to your official transcript, come to the School of Art administration office in the Center for the Visual Arts, CVA 241, to speak with academic advisor Ms. Maria Robertson.  For more information, contact Ms. Robertson at mrobert9@kent.edu or (330) 672-1363.