Building Leadership for Change through School Immersion (BLCSI) is a specialized program funded by the Saudi Arabian government. The information on these pages refers to the third cohort of this program, which concluded in July 2020.

Building Leadership for Change through School Immersion (BLCSI)

Welcome to Kent State University and the College of Education, Health and Human Services (EHHS). We hope your experience will be positive, beneficial to your leadership skills, and one in which you will develop the skills and attitudes that will enable you to facilitate change in Saudi schools.

The Khbrat-BLCSI program is designed with three primary purposes in mind:

  1. Provide you with language development opportunities,
  2. Give you deep experiences in schools, and
  3. Ensure your understanding of the place of schools and schooling within American society.

Key features of the program

  • Instruction in English as a Second Language (ESL) to take place from mid-June until late August. You will be placed individually in appropriate level ESL courses in order to facilitate optimal language challenge and development. Regular attendance in these courses is a requirement.
  • A graduate level seminar which that you will attend weekly. This will enable you to share experiences and perspectives on American schools and schooling. This seminar will be taught by Dr. Steve Mitchell, the Associate Dean for Graduate Education. Regular attendance at this seminar is a requirement.
  • A graduate course in Curriculum Leadership. This course explores the theories and practices of curriculum leadership with reference to societies in the information-age. Regular attendance at this course is a requirement.
  • A fall semester (late August-mid December) immersion experience in American public (i.e. state funded) schools working with resident teachers, counselors and administrators.  This experience, which is the heart of the program, will provide you with an in-depth look at the pedagogical and administrative functioning of typical American schools. Each of you will have a school/field mentor to support and enhance this aspect of the program. You will be in school every week from Monday-Thursday during regular school hours. Again, regular attendance is required.
  • A university/faculty mentor who is an expert in your area. For example, school counselors will be mentored as a group by an expert counselor. You will meet with your mentor every week to debrief the overall experience and allow time focused mentorship within your specific area of expertise. These meetings are required.
  • Cultural immersion activities designed to provide exposure to American society and culture are planned. Such activities might include visits to areas museums, concerts, state parks, and sporting events.

Again we'd like to welcome you to Kent State University and the BLCSI program!  

Cohort 3 IPLP Presentations 2020