Campus Transition Project

The Campus Transition Project (CTP) is a new transition opportunity for students aged 18-21 who have intellectual disabilities and would like to pursue their transition goals in the community setting. The Center for Innovation in Transition and Employment at Kent State University has recently been awarded funding for a 3 year project from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR).

The Campus Transition Project (CTP) is designed to develop the university campus as a transition setting for students who have severe disabilities aged 18-21. This project was developed for students with severe disabilities interested in experiencing many of the activities enjoyed by typical college students on campus. This is an experimental project and is not for students seeking a college degree. Beginning in the fall of 2009 the first students (15) with intellectual disabilities will be arriving on campus to begin their college experience. Students will be selected through a teacher referral and selection committee process.

Each student's college experience will vary depending on their individual interests, preferences, and goals. However, all students will participate in a Career & Life Skills course at the beginning of each day. This course will provide a forum for students to further explore their career and personal interests and goals as well as serving as a home base to begin their day on campus. Following the daily Career & Life Skills course students may explore work opportunities and course offerings; make use of the Health & Wellness Center, or participate in a number of other activities on campus. In the fall semester schedules will be developed by the student with consultation from parents, appropriate secondary education, postsecondary education, and project personnel from information gathered during person centered planning sessions. Students will begin their individualized schedules in the spring semester and continue through the summer.

Students will be referred to the project by special education teachers in the Six District Educational Compact (Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson, Kent, Stow-Monroe Falls, Tallmadge, and Woodridge) as well as several other school districts in close proximity to Kent State University including: Crestwood, Streetsboro, Southeast, Ravenna, and Field.