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Transition Planning: A Guide for Parents and Professions, 2nd Edition (2004)

This manual provides practical information about transition that can be used by parents and professionals alike. This guide offers suggestions for a broad range of disabilities, provides useful tools for practitioners, and answers questions often asked by parents. 

The Career and Self-Advocacy Program (2004)

This program provides a self-determination curriculum for students interested in pursuing postsecondary training. Students learn how to 1) research careers and postsecondary schools, 2) understand their strengths and accommodation needs, and 3) write goals for their IEPs.

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The Cooperative Transitional Services Program Manual (2004)

The CTSP is a collaborative program between the Transition Center and the local schools and agencies to provide job skills training on Kent State's campus. This manual outlines how to set up a collaborative to maximize university and community settings for life skill and employment training.

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