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The EHHS-LC is a perfect fit for students who aspire to be successful in any of the College's education, health, or human services majors.  The academic programs are challenging, so the EHHS-LC concentrates on helping students succeed.  There is much to gain in addition to that which is learned in the classroom.  As students journey through Leadership Workshop in their first semester with The LC, they develop friendships and commitments that foster leadership skills; students begin to understand their potential for professional leadership.

Leadership. Service. Citizenship.

The mission of the Education, Health, and Human Services Learning Community is to enhance and support students' academic, professional, and personal growth through meaningful interactions with faculty, staff, and peers.  The EHHS-LC is dedicated to fostering leadership, service, citizenship and academic success through co-curricular experiences.

Furthermore, national studies indicate that participating in a themed residence hall community such as The LC has a positive influence on student success.  In fact, students perform better in classes and feel more  connected to peers, faculty, and the university community.   In turn, these lead to higher likelihood of students graduating.

With this in mind, The LC strives to fulfill the following Goals:

  • Building partnerships among faculty, staff, and students.
  • Facilitating the transition to college by providing a personalized and supportive community within Manchester Hall.
  • Promoting opportunities for individual students to seek out and develop meaningful connections to others.
  • Supporting students' successful completion of their academic programs.
  • Fostering commitment to Kent State University, as students and as alumni.

Get Involved!

In the past, student have done lots of things.  You can be as involved as you want, so jump in with both feet!

Meet other LC students by checking out our Facebook page: "EHHS-LC at Kent State University"

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Have Questions?

Look at these commonly asked questions:

  1. Why should I join? Participating in  the learning community has many benefits!  Improved GPA, opportunities for leadership, additional social activities, support and mentoring from other EHHS students (first year through senior!), and a sense of belonging are just a few.
  2. What are the requirements to join? The first requirement is that you, as a student, have been admitted into one of the programs in the College of EHHS. Second, you will need to live on campus in Manchester Hall, so be sure to fill out a housing application form through Residence Services.  [The Residence Services webpages also have information about Manchester Hall, room/board rates, and much more.]
  3. I applied, so how will I know I've been accepted? Just keep an eye on your official email inbox!  A learning community staff member will send you a congratulatory email letting you know that you have been accepted.  This email will also typically contain more information about The LC, how to contact the staff, and how to get connected before arriving to move-in.
  4. What will I do as an LC member? You have the chance to get involved; events in the past have included hiking, canoeing, meeting the deans, trips to the zoo and baseball games, building a float for homecoming, walking with EHHS in the homecoming parade, service-learning, and much more!
  5. More questions? Contact Julie Wilcox,