College Teaching

Certificate in College Teaching

The College Teaching Certificate, established in 2005, is designed to enhance teaching competencies at the postsecondary level. It is particularly appropriate for graduate students (from any discipline) interested in a career in college teaching, but also for adjunct and full-time faculty who are currently engaged in a career in academia.

Students may select from a variety of courses that emphasize the knowledge and practice of college teaching and the organizational culture of postsecondary education institutions. The 15-credit hour graduate certificate also includes an internship in college teaching. Additionally, students in the certificate program are encouraged to take effective teaching courses offered within their discipline specialty as part of the certificate requirements. Certificate students with prior college teaching experience can request a waiver of the internship requirement [Note: this would waive the internship but not the 3 credits; instead, students would complete an additional elective]. In order to waive the internship requirement, one must show evidence that, within the last 5 years, s/he has taught full-time at the college level for at least one semester or part-time for at least three semesters. 

This certificate program is grounded in the latest educational research of best practices in college teaching, and is designed to offer and/or enhance teaching and learning experiences.

Students who have completed the certificate have remarked that... 

"The classes provided a greater understanding of faculty roles and how to help students learn. The opportunity to teach my own class [through the teaching internship] opened my eyes to what goes into preparing a class. I look forward to teaching again." (Earl Coburn, MEd, 2013).

"I found the courses for the Graduate Certificate of College Teaching to be challenging and informative. The cohort [at Tri-C, 2008-09] was refreshing and engaging. Kent State faculty are professional and approachable. I would highly recommend this certificate to any community college faculty." (Barbara Cicerchi, Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education, Cuyahoga Community College).

"Faculty Roles and Responsibilities revealed a massive blind-spot in my understanding of colleges and universities. Previous to the class, I knew very little about the world of academia, professors, and faculty members. The course texts were very practical and the assignments required critical analysis of current issues as well as historical trends. The course prepared me to be a better student affairs administrator because I can relate to more people across the university and opened my mind to the possibility of becoming faculty someday. " (Amy Butler, MEd, 2014)

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