Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Event Management

The Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality and Event Management prepares leaders for the hospitality industry. The curriculum combines specialty classes in hospitality and business management, preparing graduates for well-compensated positions as managers in restaurants, hotels and resorts, cruise ships, amusement parks, destination marketing organizations, convention centers, country clubs and many more.

The Hospitality and Event Management major comprises three concentrations, each encompassing two of the following three focus areas. Students must choose one concentration that matches their interests and career preferences.

  • The Event Management focus area emphasizes planning and managing events — from large to small and from corporate to personal — in addition to following protocols and ensuring safety and security during the events.
  • The Hotel and Resort Management focus area emphasizes business skills such as managing staff and revenue, as well as the specific skills such as managing clubs and casinos.
  • The Food and Beverage Management focus area emphasizes the business side of food, such as ordering and inventory, managing budgets and planning and pricing menus. In addition, students learn food science, food production and the pairing of food and beverages.

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The undergraduate degree program in Hospitality and Event Management prepares leaders for careers in major industry segments through academic and research programs valuing quality of life, business success, collaborative partnerships, creative approaches, and ethical principles. 


Graduates from the program will demonstrate Foundational knowledge of hospitality operations, competence in business practices and managerial decision making, effective written and verbal communication skills, interpersonal skills including professional behavior, collaborative relationships, and proficiency in networking and analytical thinking and problem solving.

Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration (ACPHA) Learning Outcomes 

  1. Identify and apply the knowledge and skills necessary for hospitality and tourism operations. 
  2. Develop and integrate a core set of business skills necessary to successfully operate a hospitality and tourism organization. 
  3. Demonstrate competence in the communication skills necessary for hospitality and tourism management. 
  4. Formulate business decisions in hospitality and tourism management. 
  5. Evaluate leadership principles necessary in the diverse and global hospitality and tourism industry. 


The Hospitality and Event Management Program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration. Faculty have advanced degrees in hospitality management and relevant professional management work experience in restaurants, hotels, country clubs, and on-site food service management. 

Students have a wide variety of opportunities to interact with industry professionals through guest lectures, class projects including property visits, required practicum, the student-industry professional mentoring program, the annual Hospitality Management Career Fair, student chapters of CMAA, PCMA, and ESD, the Campus Kitchen Project, and the Schwebel Guest Lecture Series.

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