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Doctoral Program

Plan of Study

Our Educational Psychology program offers a Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.) in Educational Psychology. This program combines rigorous training in quantitative research methods, a strong background in a variety of different learning theories, and the instructional implications of educational and cognitive psychology.

Those interested in obtaining a doctorate in Educational Psychology can download the program of study for this degree program. If you are interested in reading about the entire process associated with obtaining a doctoral degree, you can download the college's PhD Handbook.

Those interested in obtaining a doctorate in Educational Psychology with a Concentration in Instructional Technology can link to a description of this degree program.


Admissions Criteria for admissions can be found on the Admissions page of this website.


A minimum of 45 credit hours of coursework beyond the masters is required for the doctoral degree in Educational Psychology. This does not include the dissertation, and the student's committee may require more credit hours.

The course requirements include:

Required Basic Research Courses (9 hrs.)

  • EVAL 75510 Statistics I for Educational Services
  • EVAL 85515 Quantitative Research
  • EDPF 85516 Qualitative Research

Required Advanced Research Courses (6 hrs.)

  • Choice of: EVAL 85517 Advanced Quantitative Research or EVAL 85518 Advanced Qualitative
  • Research Choice of: EVAL78716 Educational Statistics II or EVAL 68807 Evaluation in Education

Required Educational Foundations Courses (3 hrs.)

  • EDPF 80090 Doctoral Residency Seminar
  • EDPF 89091 Seminar: College Teaching (Required for Teaching Assistants)

Required EdPsych Core (6 to 12 hrs.)

If not taken during Masters work:

  • EPSY 75524 Learning Theories
  • ITEC 77403 Instructional Design or ITEC 7742 Designing Online Courses

Taken concurrently:

  • EPSY 77450 Psychological Principles of Education
  • ITEC 77450 Learning with Instructional Technologies

EPSY Specialization Electives

  • EPSY 8/65529 Educational Motivation
  • EPSY 89098 Research in Learning and Development
  • EPSY 89095 Special Topics in Learning and Development
  • EPSY 89096 Individual Investigation in Learning and Development
  • EPSY 65520 Child and Adolescent Development
  • PSYC 70604 Cognitive Development
  • PSYC 71350 Cognitive Neuropsychology
  • Other electives as approved by committee