Doctoral Program (Ph.D.)

The interdisciplinary Ph.D. degree in Educational Psychology (partnered with Psychological Sciences) provides an advanced and interdisciplinary study in the principles of human cognition, learning and development. 

The program provides rigorous training in the theoretical foundations of cognition, learning, and development, as well as research design, instrumentation, quantitative analysis and research application. Graduates are qualified to become faculty at the university level and are also prepared for careers in a variety of industry and government settings conducting research and guiding the application of evidence-based practices.

Those interested in obtaining a doctorate in Educational Psychology can download the program of study. The program of study provides detailed information about program requirements and available courses. If you are interested in reading about the entire process associated with obtaining a doctoral degree, you can download the college's PhD Handbook.

Please contact program coordinator Dr. Bradley Morris with any questions.


Explore admissions criteria by visiting our webpage.

PROGRAM learning outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  1. Inform and enhance practice based on deep knowledge of research, theories, and principles of cognition, learning and development.
  2. Synthesize and critically evaluate scholarly articles and texts.
  3. Apply principles of research design to create rigorous experiments and studies.
  4. Analyze and interpret quantitative data using appropriate cutting edge methodologies and tools.
  5. Develop scientific writing skills in order to effectively communicate research findings to the scientific community and practitioners.
  6. Design and conduct empirical research to investigate the cognitive and developmental basis for effective teaching and learning practices.
  7. Disseminate original, empirical research through scholarly presentations, conferences, and publications.