Project Connect

An Online Program for Grandmothers and Their Teenage Grandchildren

The purpose of this study is to learn how online programs can give grandmothers and their teenage grandchildren information and skills to improve health and well-being.

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What will you do?

Watch Online Video Clips

  • Tips for living healthy and happy
  • 2-10 minute videos

Answer Questions

  • Tell us how the videos relate to your life
  • Try it out with family and friends!

Take 5 online Surveys

  1. Before watching the online videos
  2. After watching all 7 video modules
  3. 3 months later
  4. 6 months later
  5. 9 months later

You may also be selected to complete short daily surveys 14 days before and after watching the online videos, or share your thoughts about the videos over the telephone.

  • Daily Surveys: $126
  • Telephone Q&A: $30

Benefits of Participating

Amazon Fire Tablet

Your family will receive one Amazon Fire tablet to use during the study. you can keep the tablet even after you are done.

Monetary Payments ($150 Total)

  1. Video Module 1
  2. Video Module 3
  3. Video Module 5
  4. Video Module 7
  5. Survey 2 ($20)
  6. Survey 3 ($20)
  7. Survey 4 ($20)
  8. Survey 5 ($20)

Raffle Drawings

Grandmothers and Grandchildren who complete surveys and video modules at a similar pace will earn tickets for 2 separate raffle drawings.

Prizes are about $300 each and include:

  • Beats wireless headphones
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Relaxation package

More Information & FAQs

Other Benefits:

  • Participate with other families like yours from all over the USA!
  • Doing this study could help you and your family lead healthier and happier lifestyles.
  • Your participation will help us to see if Project Connect will be helpful to other families like yours in the future.

Can I Participate Alone?

  • Both of you will need to participate in the study, but you should complete everything independently.

Will Our Information be Secure?

  • No one beyond Project Connect staff will know your answers or have access to your information (not even your family members).

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