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Published Research

Devine, M.A. (2023). From physical inclusion to belonging: Perceptions of Social Inclusion of University Students with Intellectual Disabilities. International Journal of Sociology of Leisure. IJSL-D-22-00008R1

Explicit and Implicit Cognitive Processes Associated With Microaggression Endorsement

Patel, T., Dorff, J., and Baker, A. (2022), Development of Special Needs Classroom Prototypes to Respond to the Sensory Needs of Students with ExceptionalitiesArchnet-IJAR, Vol. 16 No. 2, pp. 339-358. 

Patel, T. (2021). Design as Activism: Position and Pedagogy (PDF)Academic Exchange Quarterly, 25(3).

Patel, T. & Swaranjali, P. (2022). Empowerment through Participatory Design Process (PDF). Academic Exchange Quarterly. Winter 2022 ISSN 1096-1453 Volume 26, Issue 4.