Prospective Students

ETEC students come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Many of our master’s students are teachers who are looking for ways to integrate technology-based activities into their classrooms. They are planning to keep teaching while using techniques and technologies to improve their effectiveness. Depending on their goals and interests, any of the four specializations we offer in the ETEC program might be appropriate.

Some teachers are planning to leave the classroom to take positions as technology coordinators in a school or district. These students often add the Computer/Technology Endorsement to their existing teaching license as preparation for this new role. Students who already have a master’s degree in an appropriate field may add the endorsement with a 15 credit hour program. Otherwise, they can pursue the ETEC master’s degree with the School Technologies specialization.

Other students hope to work in a school library or media center. These students may pursue dual degree with the School of Information to obtain an MLIS degree as well. Information about that program is available both on this site and at the School of Information website.

Not all of our master’s students are from K12 education. Some are interested in working in other settings such as colleges and universities, companies, and non-profit organizations. There are opportunities for instructional designers, media developers, and trainers in a variety of settings. The specializations on Performance and Instructional Design, Online and Blended Learning and Teaching, or Immersive Technologies might all be relevant, depending on the student’s interests and goals.

With the growth of online education and training, other students may be interested specifically in online and blended learning. They can pursue the specialization specifically in that area.

At the doctoral level, students may want to do research or teach at a university. Some already teach at the college level but do not yet have their doctoral degree. Other types of professionals, in various fields, play important roles in developing technology programs for their organizations.