The Educational Technology (ETEC) program offers a variety of graduate programs to advance your career in using technology, broadly defined, for learning and teaching:

  • You can obtain a master’s degree in education (M.Ed.) in Educational Technology, the appropriate degree for school teachers, corporate trainers, and others interested in effectively using information and communications technologies to enhance learning. You will choose among four possible specializations in the degree: Management of Educational Technologies, Designing Instructional and Performance Solutions, Immersive Technologies for Learning, and Online and Blended Learning and Teaching.
  • As part of the M.Ed. degree you may want to add a Computer/Technology Endorsement to your existing teaching license. This is available as a specialization within the overall ETEC master’s degree. For those who already have a master’s degree in an appropriate field, the endorsement-only program provides the endorsement for 15 credit hours.
  • The program also offers an Online and Blended Learning and Teaching Certificate, for those interested in developing or teaching online courses. The certificate consists of three courses and can be combined with the master’s degree or obtained by itself.
  • Finally, the program offers a doctoral concentration in Educational Technology as part of the Ph.D. program in Curriculum and Instruction. This degree will help provide you with the skills to become a professor or researcher or to enhance your credentials in a field where working with new communications and information technologies is critical to success.

The master’s degree, endorsement, and certificate are all available entirely online. Most of the courses for the doctoral degree can also be taken online.