Collaborative Partnerships

Partnerships with local school districts (including Akron, Streetsboro, and Kent) are a vital way for us to enhance the education of our pre-service teachers.


Block I

Middle Childhood Education field experiences begin in the sophomore year with Block I (Field Experience I) in which students are placed in the Akron Public Schools to tutor individuals or small groups of students in settings with a diversity of students (varying by ethnicity, race, religion, ability, socio-economics and special needs). School mentors complete written evaluations used to determine student entrance into advanced study in MCED.

Block II

Students complete a semester long field experience in grades 4-5. Mentors observe, team teach with, and evaluate MCED students. Mentors also function as guest speakers on topics such as teaching special needs students, discipline in the classroom, etc.

Block III

Students complete a semester long field experience in selected local districts. Teachers act as mentors and also guest speakers in MCED classes.


  • Interviews for Admission to Advanced Study: Teachers from local schools, who are also doctoral students, participate in interviewing applicants for admission to advanced study in MCED.
  • Mentor teachers are solicited from students in the graduate courses in MCED.
  • Grants Received: A PT3 grant provides professional development for MCED university-based and school-based faculty in developing WebQuests.
  • Graduate courses: Guest speakers from local schools/districts present on topics such as teacher leadership, scheduling, advisory programs, etc.
  • MCED teacher candidates plan a family math and English/Language Arts night

MCED faculty provide professional development for our field experience sites in areas such as literacy, preparation for proficiency, instructional technology, and mathematics.