What’s the procedure for requesting a personnel record?

In accordance with the Ohio Public Records Act and Kent State University administrative policy 5-15.1, current and former employees may request to inspect and obtain a copy of their personnel files. The university will respond to such requests within a reasonable period of time.

  • The request must be made to the manager of human resources records at hr_records@kent.edu.
  • The request must specify the record(s) to be viewed.
  • Upon receipt of the request, the manager of human resource records will schedule an appointment to take place during normal business hours.
  • Official record(s) must remain in the custody of the manager.
  • Copies, if requested, will be provided within a reasonable time period, at a cost of $.10 per sheet. There will be an additional charge for postage, if applicable.

Please note: If you are requesting information about another employee, your request will be forwarded to the Office of General Counsel. When a public records request is made to examine an employee's personnel file, that employee will, when practical and if possible, be notified in advance of the release of the record, that the record has been requested, and informed of the name of the person making the request, if available.