Duties of Subcommittee of Evaluators

  • To visit at least one undergraduate or one graduate class and to review course syllabi, handouts, etc., in order to judge the quality of the course content.
  • (Optional) To interview up to three students (suggested by the candidate) who have done individual research/study on the graduate or undergraduate levels (including Writing Certificate portfolios, Honors theses, etc.) in order to assess the quality of the candidate’s supervision.
  • To review recent student evaluations.
  • To review previous peer evaluations.
  • To submit a confidential report of its finding first to the candidate and then, after sufficient time for a response, to the Promotion and Tenure Committee, including the response if the candidate desires.
  • The Subcommittee, in order to ensure uniformity, should work toward a standard format modeled on previous reports, making improvements wherever possible.  This format should specify certain elements of teaching that need to be assessed, such as organization of materials, effectiveness of handouts, ability to answer questions and elicit discussion, the helpfulness of written comments on papers, grading practices, and manner of presentation.