Peer Evaluations of Teaching

A candidate for Reappointment, Tenure, or Promotion is encouraged to invite colleagues to evaluate at least one class per year.  The  Chair and/or Program Coordinators or their representatives will visit at least one class, preferably during the candidate’s second year.  In the third or fourth year and thereafter, a candidate must be reviewed through a specified Peer Evaluation Process leading to a summary report of the teaching.  The process will emphasize the report of an Ad hoc Subcommittee of Evaluators, which should make use of whatever earlier peer evaluations are available.

Each Ad hoc Subcommittee shall comprise two tenured faculty members of higher rank than the candidate.  One shall be chosen by the candidate, and the other appointed by the Chair.  If the evaluation involves a graduate class, both evaluators must have graduate faculty status.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to initiate the process by contacting the person of his or her choice, advising the Chair, and making all necessary scheduling arrangements for the class visits and the examination of papers, syllabi, handouts, and tests.

Since the Subcommittee’s report is intended to assist the Promotion and Tenure Committee in the evaluation process, it must be included in the candidate’s promotion, reappointment, or tenure file.