Graduate Student Services & Resources

  1. Graduate Student Forms Library

    The forms library contains a collection of paper work and application forms for faculty, staff, and students (prospective and current). From application to registration to thesis and dissertation documents.

  2. Graduate Student Senate

    The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) is comprised of senators from all departments and programs on campus that have graduate programs on the master and doctoral level. Through regular meetings, the senate seeks to improve graduate student life and research on campus through student initiatives and research grant funding.

  3. Black Graduate Student Association

    Black Graduate Student Association’s (BGSA) purpose is to meet the professional, social, and academic needs of Black graduate students.  BGSA recognizes graduation with Masters or Ph.D. as a top priority. Subsequently, this organization is dedicated to the promotion of academic excellence, mentoring, professional guidance, and social support that will enhance the scholarship of Black graduate students at Kent State University.