1. Student Rights and Responsibilities

  2. Enrollment Management & Related Student Services

    1. Academic Advising

      1. Summary

        Academic advising at Kent State University supports the teaching and learning mission of the University. All freshman and sophomore students are required to meet with an advisor once per semester. Students at junior standing and beyond will be required to meet at least once per year.

    2. FLASHcard

      1. Summary

        The FLASHcard Office is located on the Kent Campus at the Bursar's Office in the Michael Schwartz Center, Room 138. Regional Campuses also produce FLASHcards for the faculty and students. The FLASHcard is the University I.D. for faculty, staff, and students.  It doubles as a meal card and debit card. A FLASHcard is needed to check materials out of the library.

  3. Student Support Services & Resources

    1. Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

      1. Summary

        The mission of the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office is to ensure access to a post-secondary education to qualified students with disabilities at Kent State University.    

      2. SAS Handbook

        1. Summary

          The Student Accessibility Services Faculty Handbook provides general guidelines for working with any student who learns differently or requires some kind of accommodation in order to achieve his or her potential. 

    2. Early Alert Referral System

      1. Summary

        The Early Alert system helps instructors to reach out to students in their courses who are experiencing difficulties.  The Early Alert system is a referral tool in Flashline.  This system allows instructors a way to share the information with the Student Success Program staff so that additional interventions can be provided.

    3. Student Ombuds

      1. Summary

        The primary goal of the Office of the Student Ombuds is to provide students confidential consultation in assisting with the possible resolution of any University-related concern, grievance or appeal.

  4. Student Life

    1. Recreational Services (Kent Campus)

      1. Summary

        This office encompasses comprehensive recreational services housed in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. The Kent State Ice Arena includes two rinks, which are used for learn-to-skate, hockey, broomball, and open skating programs for the community.

    2. Women's Center

      1. Summary

        Kent State University’s Women’s Center exists to advance and enhance the educational experience and professional life of women students, faculty and staff at all campuses. The Women’s Center serves as a resource for advocacy by providing education, information, and referral programs and services.

    3. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Student Center

      1. Summary

        The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Student Center was created to provide resources and support for LGBTQ students and their allies.   The Center educates the campus community (students, faculty, and staff) about sexual orientation and gender identity in order to make Kent State University a Safe Space for all of our students.

  5. Graduation and Academic Excellence

    1. Application for Graduation

      1. Summary

        Students applying for graduation should complete the online graduation application available through Flashline by the published deadlines. The online graduation application is used for all degree and certificate programs.

  6. Graduate Students

    More than 6,000 graduate students are enrolled in more than 150 graduate degree and certificate programs. Partnerships between students and our nationally and internationally renowned faculty extend scholarship in important areas of research, creativity and practice.

    1. Graduate Studies

      The Division of Graduate Studies at KSU organizationally resides in the office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost. Its primary functions are: admitting highly qualified and diverse graduate students, providing services to enhance the quality of life for KSU graduate students and ensuring that KSU’s graduate programs are cutting edge and meet the highest standards of academic excellence. Responsibility for these functions lies with the dean of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Studies administrative staff

    2. Guide to Graduate Education

      This annual guide contains the policies and procedures applicable to the University’s graduate education community. Although most of the information contained in this guide appears in the University Catalog and/or University Policy Register, this guide is intended to make graduate policies and procedures easily accessible to potential and current students, faculty, staff and administrators. The guide covers topics ranging from applying to a graduate program to graduating.

    3. Graduate Aid & Assistantships

      Many graduate programs offer one of three types of graduate assistantships:  administrative, teaching or research. Most assistantships are awarded to doctoral students, and some programs fund 100% of their graduate students while others do not.  These competitive awards typically provide compensation in the form of a full tuition waiver in addition to a monthly stipend for 10-20 hours of work per week.

    4. Graduate Student Services & Resources

      1. Graduate Student Forms Library

        The forms library contains a collection of paper work and application forms for faculty, staff, and students (prospective and current). From application to registration to thesis and dissertation documents.

      2. Graduate Student Senate

        The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) is comprised of senators from all departments and programs on campus that have graduate programs on the master and doctoral level. Through regular meetings, the senate seeks to improve graduate student life and research on campus through student initiatives and research grant funding.

      3. Black Graduate Student Association

        Black Graduate Student Association’s (BGSA) purpose is to meet the professional, social, and academic needs of Black graduate students.  BGSA recognizes graduation with Masters or Ph.D. as a top priority. Subsequently, this organization is dedicated to the promotion of academic excellence, mentoring, professional guidance, and social support that will enhance the scholarship of Black graduate students at Kent State University.