Employment Policies, Misc.

  1. Assignments/Workload

    1. Summary

      All full-time faculty are expected to work full-time for the University. The teaching load for tenured and tenure-track faculty is the equivalent of twenty-four credit hours of teaching and shall include formal class teaching, appropriate credit for advising of individual investigations, seminars, research, theses, and dissertations. Workload expectations and specification of workload equivalents of classroom instructional assignments are incorporated into each academic unit’s or campus’ section of the Faculty Handbook.

  2. Leaves of Absence

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  3. Benefits

    1. Summary

      The University provides benefits related to medical issues (health insurance, prescription drugs, dental and vision coverage, sick leave, and life insurance) and other issues (non-academic leave, travel reimbursement, retirement, and fee remission). Tuition benefits in the form of fee waivers are granted to full-time University employees, their spouses, domestic partners and/or dependent children as well as to selected part-time employees. All recipients must meet the eligibility requirements.

  4. Salary

  5. Faculty Work Life

  6. Retirement

    1. Summary

      Both the Faculty member and the University contribute to the Faculty member’s account in the STRS of Ohio or to an Alternative Retirement Plan according to current percentages. University Policy also provides information on the process, conditions, and guidelines for early retirement.

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  7. Sanctions for Cause including Suspension and Termination

    1. Summary

      A sanction is a documented corrective action in response to a faculty member’s unsatisfactory performance of his/her duties and responsibilities as a member of the faculty.  The process governing sanctions for cause as well as the due process rights for faculty facing sanctions are provided for in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.