Other Policies

8.1. Emergencies

For emergencies and immediate assistance call 9-1-1. 

8.1.1. Emergency Alert System

Flash ALERTS is Kent State’s official emergency text notification system for all campuses. Subscription is required to receive urgent notifications on a text-enabled mobile phone or device.

8.1.2. Emergency Guide for Kent Campus

8.1.3. University Policies regarding Emergencies on Campuses

Administrative Policy on Campus Emergencies

University Policy Regarding Emergency Management Plan

8.2. Public Safety Department

8.2.1. Summary

Campus Public Safety and Police Services are available at each Kent State University Campus.  Information is available at your local campus web site. At the Kent Campus, the Department of Public Safety and Police Services is located at the Stockdale Safety Building Kent, OH 44242-0001.  The non-emergency phone is 330-672-3070

8.2.2. Public Safety Department

(Fax) 330-672-3113.  For emergencies and immediate assistance call 9-1-1.

8.3. Campus Closings

All Campus closings will be posted on the Advisory Page and through Flash Alerts.

8.4. Alcohol, Tobacco and Substance Abuse

8.4.1. University Policy Regarding Alcoholic Beverages

8.4.2. University Policy Regarding Smoking

8.4.3. Fitness for Duty Policy


FTNTT CBA Article XII Faculty Fitness for Duty

8.5. Protest/Dissent

Administrative Policy Regarding Demonstrations, Marches and Speakers

8.6. Parking – Kent Campus Only

8.6.1. University Policy Regarding Parking Regulations

8.6.2. Parking and Transit Services

TT CBA Article XIV, Section 7 (page 69)

FTNTT CBA Article XI Salary and Benefits, Section 10 (Page 43)

8.7. FLASHcards for Faculty

8.7.1. Summary

The FLASHcard is your Kent State University ID card, which allows you to borrow library materials, access the Student Recreation & Wellness Center and athletic events, plus purchase goods and services both on and off campus.

8.7.2. FLASHcards (Kent Campus)