Goals and Mission of the Department

The primary objectives of the Department are to:

1.          Create an academic environment that promotes the intellectual and professional development of students and Faculty;

2.         Develop and maintain a commitment to scholarly activity in research, graduate education, and undergraduate education, which is commensurate with the goals and mission of Kent State University;

3.         Provide programs for all students that meet the educational and technological demands of the disciplines represented in the Department, namely Physics and related interdisciplinary areas;

4.         Offer courses in physics and related interdisciplinary fields that provide the necessary base for the career goals of students and Faculty; and,

5.         Provide the public with service commensurate with a University.

Implicit in these objectives is our responsibility as teachers, which includes but is not limited to, educating undergraduate and graduate students and providing continuing education while promoting and clarifying the role and philosophy of education.  An essential mission of the Physics Department is to expose students to the methodology and processes of science.

A strong commitment to research means creating and maintaining a significant intellectual environment and achieving our broader commitments to the advancement of knowledge and service to the public. 

Service to the University and to the general public unifies and clarifies the role of the University in the local community, in the State of Ohio, in the nation, and is valued within the Department, the College and the University.