A review of the achievements and productivity of the Faculty of the Department will be undertaken by the Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) for the purpose of making recommendations to the Chair to be used whenever merit-based salary adjustments are available. The review is entirely voluntary and will be limited to those Faculty who choose to submit supporting documentation to the FAC.

The Department encourages substantial productivity and achievement in the two general categories: a) Scholarship, and b) Teaching and c) Service.  In the Department of Physics there is an especially strong expectation that Faculty maintain a program of scholarship producing of a record of refereed publications and extramural grant support.  Grants that provide stipend support for dissertation students are particularly important to the Department's mission.

Activities and accomplishments to be evaluated are not limited to those items mentioned here. Only achievements that have an activation date within the specified evaluation period can be considered.   The activation date is the published date for papers, the beginning of the award period for grants, the presentation date for conference presentations, etc.   Publications and conference presentations should have a KSU byline. A given item should be listed only once even if it satisfies multiple categories in a given year.

Regional Campus Faculty are evaluated and receive Faculty Excellence Awards through the Regional Campus System and not through the Kent Campus Department.