The university’s policy and procedures regarding Faculty reappointment, tenure and promotion (RTP) are contained in the University Policy Register sections 3342-6-16 (for reappointment), 3342-6-14 (for tenure), and 3342-6-15 (for promotion). Each academic year, RTP guidelines for Kent and Regional Campus Faculty are distributed by the Office of the Provost.  

In response to a detailed letter of request, Candidates for Reappointment, Tenure or Promotion submit to the Chair a file of evidence in accord with University Policy, the departmental criteria as outlined in this Handbook, and guidance from the Chair.  The contents of the file should be designed to facilitate evaluation and may contain supplementary material that is not mandated by University or Departmental policy, but which the Chair and candidate agree is helpful.  RTP files are evaluated by the Department’s Ad Hoc RTP Committee, which makes a recommendation, determined by vote, to the Chair.