6.1. Student Rights and Responsibilities

6.1.1. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Summary

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a federal law that sets forth requirements regarding the privacy of student records. FERPA governs the disclosure of student records maintained by an educational institution as well as access to those records. Operational Procedures and Regulations Regarding Collection, Retention and Dissemination of Information about Students                                             

6.1.2. Code of Student Conduct Summary

All Kent State University students are expected to demonstrate responsible behavior.  The Code of Student Conduct translates these expectations into specific policies and describes the process through which claims of violations are resolved. The Code of Student Conduct The Office of Student Conduct                                                                                                                                                      Honor Pledge

6.1.3. Judicial Processes & Procedures Student Judicial Process Academic Cheating and Plagiarism Student Complaint Policies Kent Campus

Administrative Policy and Procedure For Student Academic

Complaints Regional Campus

Administrative Policy and Procedure For Student Academic

Complaints Faculty Resources Addressing Student Plagiarism

6.1.4. Class Attendance Summary

Instructors have both the responsibility and prerogative for managing student attendance. The policy provides a procedural framework for both faculty and students to address an absence from class. Administrative Policy Regarding Class Attendance and Class Absence Unit Handbooks                 

6.1.5. Student Use of Information Technology Student Email Accounts

Administrative Policy Regarding Electronic Communications for Students Policy Register Regarding Use of Information Technology

Information Technology and Security

6.2.  Undergraduate Catalog

6.2.1. Undergraduate Catalog

6.2.2. Academic Requirements/Rights and Exclusions

6.2.3. Important Sections of Catalog The Kent Core (General Education Requirements) Summary

The Kent Core is the foundation of the University's mission to prepare students to live in today's complex, global society. Kent Core Academic Calendar Academic Policies Glossary of Academic Terms

6.3. Enrollment Management & Related Student Services

6.3.1. University Registrar

6.3.2. University Bursar Bursar’s Office Tuition & Fees

6.3.3. Student Financial Aid Summary

The Student Financial Aid office administers all federal financial aid programs for all Kent State University campuses. Student Financial Aid

6.3.4. Academic Advising Summary

Academic advising at Kent State University supports the teaching and learning mission of the University. All freshmen and sophomore students are required to meet with an advisor once per semester. Students at junior standing and beyond will be required to meet at least once per year. Advising Graduation Planning System (GPS) Summary

The Graduation Planning System (GPS) tracks student progress to graduation. GPS includes all requirements for earning a degree in the declared program (Roadmaps). Graduation Planning System

6.3.5. Residence Services (Kent Campus)

6.3.6. Dining Services (Kent Campus)

6.3.7. FLASHcard Summary

The FLASHcard Office is located on the Kent Campus at the Bursar's Office in the Michael Schwartz Center, Room 138. Regional Campuses also produce FLASHcards for the faculty and students. The FLASHcard is the University I.D. for faculty, staff, and students.  It doubles as a meal card and debit card. A FLASHcard is needed to check materials out of the library. FLASHcard

6.4. Student Support Services & Resources

6.4.1. University Research Council  Summary

It is the URC’s charge to foster and stimulate research efforts and creative projects by providing financial support for artistic and scholarly work. University Research Council

6.4.2. Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Summary

The mission of the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office is to ensure access to a post-secondary education to qualified students with disabilities at Kent State University.  Student Accessibility Services (SAS) SAS Handbook Summary

The Student Accessibility Services Faculty Handbook provides general guidelines for working with any student who learns differently or requires some kind of accommodation in order to achieve his or her potential. SAS Handbook

6.4.3. Early Alert Referral System Summary

The Early Alert system helps instructors to reach out to students in their courses who are experiencing difficulties.  The Early Alert system is a referral tool in Flashline.  This system allows instructors a way to share the information with the Student Success Program staff so that additional interventions can be provided. Early Alert System

6.4.4. Save My Semester

6.4.5. Academic Success Center Tutoring Supplemental Instruction  Writing Commons (Kent Campus) Regional Campuses Academic Support

Ashtabula Campus

East Liverpool Campus

Geauga Campus

Salem Campus

Stark Campus

Trumbull Campus

Tuscarawas Campus              

6.4.6. Career Services Center

6.4.7. Student Ombuds Summary

The primary goal of the Office of the Student Ombuds is to provide students confidential consultation in assisting with the possible resolution of any University-related concern, grievance or appeal. Student Ombuds

6.4.8. University Health Services (Kent Campus) Summary

University Health Services (Kent Campus) provides non-emergency outpatient care to all eligible students, faculty and staff. It is also a full-service primary care medical facility. University Health Services

6.4.9. Psychological Services (Kent Campus) Summary

Psychological Services is staffed by licensed psychologists and provides high quality, personalized care to all KSU students, while also providing consultation to the University community regarding mental health concerns. Psychological Services

6.4.10. Counseling and Human Development Center (Kent Campus) Summary

The Counseling and Human Development Center provides confidential counseling.  Located at 325 White Hall on the Kent Campus, the Center offers individual and group counseling services. All services are provided free of cost to Kent State students, staff and faculty and at very little cost to the community. Counseling and Human Development Center

6.4.11. Information Technology (IT) HelpDesk Summary

The Information Services Helpdesk at Kent State University can assist students and faculty with a variety of computer-related problems. Information Services Helpdesk

6.5. Student Life                 

6.5.1. Center for Student Involvement Summary

Kent State University has over 200 student organizations. The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) offers an array of resources that provide opportunities for leadership and participation in student-initiated projects and organizations. Center for Student Involvement

6.5.2. Community-Based Learning & Volunteerism Summary

Kent State University engages students in their communities in a wide variety of ways, such as student service organizations, University service programs, service-learning classes, and interactions with our community partners. Community-Based Learning and Volunteerism

6.5.3. Office of Global Studies Summary

The Office of Global Education plans, coordinates, sustains, and monitors the University's global initiatives, exchange programs, and support services for international students and scholars. Office of Global Education

6.5.4. Intercollegiate Athletics Summary

Kent State University’s athletics program, NCAA Division I, includes baseball, basketball (women’s), basketball (men’s), cross country, field hockey, football, golf (women’s), golf (men’s), gymnastics, soccer, softball, track and field, volleyball, wrestling. Intercollegiate Athletics (Kent Campus)

6.5.5. Recreational Services (Kent Campus) Summary

This office encompasses comprehensive recreational services housed in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. The Kent State Ice Arena includes two rinks, which are used for learn-to-skate, hockey, broomball, and open skating programs for the community. Recreational Services

6.5.6. Women’s Center Summary

Kent State University’s Women’s Center exists to advance and enhance the educational experience and professional life of women students, faculty and staff at all campuses. The Women’s Center serves as a resource for advocacy by providing education, information, and referral programs and services. Women’s Center

6.5.7. Student Multicultural Center Summary

The Student Multicultural Center develops and implements holistic retention programs, shares information and ideas that assist individuals in embracing diversity, and encourages mutual respect through educational, cultural and social programming. Student Multicultural Center

6.5.8. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Student Center Summary

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Student Center was created to provide resources and support for LGBTQ students and their allies. The Center educates the campus community (students, faculty, and staff) about sexual orientation and gender identity in order to make Kent State University a Safe Space for all of our students. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Student Center

6.5.9. The Office of Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services (SRVSS) Summary

SRVSS Office (pronounced "serves"), The Office of Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services at Kent State University, offers resources and education for students on personal safety, sexual assault and rape, relationship violence, and stalking. Office of Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services

6.5.10. Center for Adult & Veteran Services Summary

The Center provides specialized services and resources, such as academic advising, career guidance, Adult Student Orientation, advocacy, and referrals to meet the needs of adult students and veterans. Center for Adult & Veteran Services

6.6. Graduation and Academic Excellence

6.6.1. Application for Graduation  Summary

Students applying for graduation should complete the online graduation application available through Flashline by the published deadlines. The online graduation application is used for all degree and certificate programs. Graduation and Honors

6.6.2. Commencement Summary

Questions regarding faculty roles in the commencement ceremony, where to line up, and when to arrive are best answered by senior colleagues or administrative staff within a faculty member’s respective department, academic unit, or regional campus. Kent Campus Commencement    Ashtabula Campus East Liverpool Campus Geauga Campus Salem Stark Campus Trumbull Campus Tuscarawas Campus

6.6.3. Academic Standing - Undergraduate Student Summary

Academic standing designations include President’s List, Dean’s List for Full-Time Students, Dean’s List for Part-Time Students, In Good Academic Standing, Midterm Warning, Semester Warning, Selected Academic Program Warning, Not Permitted to Continue, Academic Probation, and Academic Dismissal. Academic Standing - Undergraduate Student