Getting Started as a Graduate Student at Kent State

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Welcome to Kent State University! This guide will provide you with information related to university resources and services. This resource was created to provide new graduate students with information on things to know before attending Graduate Student Orientation (GSO) and to better serve online and commuting graduate students who may be unable to attend the GSO program in-person. The resources provided as part of this guide are intended to help you easily navigate the Kent State University community. However, we recognize that you may have additional questions. We recommend that you contact the campus offices directly if you have any questions about the resources they provide.

Welcome to Kent State University! 


Review our Fall 2020 checklist of things to do before starting classes.
Please contact, Kyle Reynolds, Director of Graduate Student Services, if you have any questions related to this guide.

Getting Started: The Basics

Discover Information about getting your FlashCard, Parking, Registering for Classes, Financial Aid, and Accessing Flashline.


Information Technology

Don't know how to check your KSU e-mail?  How to access your online class? This will provide the answers to those questions and more! 

Library Resources

Questions about how to write a literature review?  How to use citation managers?  Check the Library Resource Guides.

Financial Aid and Grant Opportunities

Not sure how to access Financial Aid?  Going to a conference and need a grant?  This will provide information about various grant opportunities for travel!

Graduate Student Services and Resources

Feeling like you want to get involved?  Discover all that Graduate Student Services offers! From presentation opportunities to locating the proper forms for graduation.

Healthcare and Wellness

Feeling under the weather?  Need someone to help with the stress of graduate school?  Find out programs and information about programs that can help!  Not just your physical wellness, but your mental health!