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Graduate Student Services and Resources

Graduate Student Services and Resources


Graduate Student Activities

Graduate Student Orientation (GSO)

Graduate Student Orientation (GSO) is held prior to the start of fall and spring semesters and all new graduate students are encouraged to attend. GSO provides an opportunity to learn about university resources and network with other new graduate students, along with representatives of KSU's faculty, staff, and administration. GSO supplements department and program-level orientations to help you understand our university community as a whole. GSO will feature a series of presentations from different resource areas across campus, campus tours, and breakout sessions facilitated by the GSO teaching fellows related to topics on teaching, research, and graduate student life. 

Graduate Professional and Academic Development Workshops (GPAD)

The Division of Graduate Studies offers professional development workshops for KSU graduate students of all academic programs. The free, one-hour Graduate Professional and Academic Development (GPAD) workshops are offered during a one-week block in the Fall and Spring semesters. Several of the GPAD workshops are also included in Graduate Student Orientation (GSO).The GPAD workshops are a collaborative initiative between the Division of Graduate Studies and other campus units including University Libraries, Research and Sponsored Programs, LaunchNET Kent State, and Career Exploration and Development. Facilitated by university faculty, administrators, and teaching fellows, the GPAD workshops include topics such as technology tools, searching for grant funding, writing a literature review, and networking. Students who attend at least three GPAD workshops during the semester will receive a "GPAD Certificate of Participation" that can be added to a CV or resume.Light refreshments will be provided at each of the GPAD workshops and pre-registration is preferred. 

Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) 

The Division of Graduate Studies hosted KSU's first Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition in 2015. 3MT was developed at the University of Queensland and is now offered at over 170 universities.  The exercise develops academic, presentation, and research communication skills and supports the development of graduate students' capacity to effectively explain their research in three minutes in a language appropriate to an intelligent, but non-specialist audience. Graduate students are able to present research they are conducting for a thesis, dissertation, terminal project, or any other research project they are engaged in.  All currently enrolled graduate students are eligible to participate and compete for cash prizes. Students are given just three minutes and one PowerPoint slide that they can use to discuss their research in an engaging and concise manner.

Dissertation Bootcamp

The Division of Graduate Studies’ Dissertation Boot Camp provides doctoral students with distraction free weekends so they can remain committed to meeting their dissertation goals. Specifically, the program was created to provide students, at various stages of the dissertation process, with a distraction-free writing space. The Boot Camp also offers a supportive environment to network with other colleagues that are working on their dissertations. The cost of the boot camp is $30 and meals are provided at no additional cost.


GradFest, sponsored by the Graduate Student Senate provides a place for graduate students from all different departments to get together and meet one another.  The locations and dates for GradFest can be found on the GSS Facebook page!

Get involved!

Graduate Student Senate (GSS)

The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) is comprised of senators from all departments and programs on campus that have graduate programs on the master and doctoral level. Through regular meetings, the senate seeks to improve graduate student life and research on campus through student initiatives and research grant funding.

To find out how you can become involved in the Graduate Student Senate, please contact your Senator or the GSS Executive Board at

Center for Student Involvement

The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) offers opportunities for leadership and participation in student-initiated projects and student organizations. These organizations are a good way to get involved with student-initiated projects and organizations!

Other Resources for Graduate School


Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning has a primary mission to provide opportunities, leadership, and support for all faculty to grow in their scholarly and professional endeavors. The long term aim is to support community members in the process of creating, transforming, and/or maintaining Kent State University’s environments for learning as spaces where all students can succeed.

The Teaching Assistant Training Program

The Teaching Assistant Training Program (TATP) was designed by the Division of Graduate Studies and Graduate Student Orientation (GSO) Teaching Fellows to aid new and aspiring teaching assistants with resources to help them transition into successful teaching assistants.

The TATP is available through Blackboard Learn under the course title "Teaching Assistant Training Program".

If you do not currently have access, but would like access to the TATP you can fill out the request form.  All graduate students at Kent State are eligible to participate regardless of if they are current TAs or not.

Forms Library

The forms library contains a collection of paperwork and application forms for faculty, staff, and students (prospective and current). From application to registration to thesis and dissertation documents. If the form you need is not listed in the forms library, it may only be available at the department or college-level.


The Guide to Graduate Education contains the policies and procedures applicable to the University's graduate education community. The guide is intended to make graduate policies and procedures easily accessible to students, faculty, staff, and administrators.  The guide covers topics from applying to a graduate program all the way to graduation.  

Research and Sponsored Programs

Research and Sponsored Programs provides the resources, facilities, and services needed for Kent State University faculty, staff and students to conduct groundbreaking, globally relevant research and scholarship.