Homecoming Court FAQ



I went online to apply for Homecoming Court and I received a message saying I was not eligible, but I think I meet the requirements. What happened?
We recommend you follow through each criterion to make sure you qualify for Homecoming Court. Contact the appropriate offices regarding your academic standing if you have previously been on probation or semester warning. Also check if you are a transfer student or spent a semester studying away from the Kent Campus. If you find you still qualify, please email csi@kent.edu


I went to apply online and I see some of my information automatically filled in is incorrect, but I can’t make any changes. What should I do?
The top portion of your application is automatically filled in by your information provided on FlashLine. If you see information is not correct, please log in to your FlashLine account and make the appropriate changes. Those changes should then be reflected on your Homecoming Court application.


Who do I need to write my sponsorship/nomination letter?
Below are common representatives that can write your sponsorship/nomination letter:

  • Student organization: Advisor, student organization officer
  • Residence Hall: residence hall council advisor, residence hall council officers
  • Athletic Team: coach, assistant coach
  • University department or college: Dean, Associate Dean, faculty representative with approval from department or college
  • University office: Director, Associate Director, staff member with approval from office

What exactly goes into a sponsorship/nomination letter?
When a representative is writing your sponsorship letter, it needs to clearly state which organization/department/residence hall/office is sponsoring you and lists the reasons why. It is as long or as short as the representative wants it to be. The letter must be in PDF format.

Can an organization/department/residence hall/college/office sponsor more than one candidate?
Each organization/department/residence hall/college/office can sponsor up to two candidates for court. It is up to them to decide which candidates to sponsor if there are more than two students interested.

What should be in my résumé?
The Homecoming Court selection committee should be able to look at your résumé and clearly understand what kind of involvement you’ve had as a Kent State University student. This includes academics, leadership, community involvement, employment, achievements and anything you feel is important to share. Your résumé must be in PDF format.


I received an email saying I qualify for an interview. How do I sign up for an interview time?
To sign up for an interview time, please follow these instructions:
1. Visit https://apps.kent.edu/HomecomingCourtApplication/
2. Log in using your FlashLine username and password.
3. Select ‘Interview Times’ and choose only time by selecting the button.
4. You will receive a confirmation email after selection.

I can’t make any of the interview times. What should I do?
If you are absolutely sure you can’t make any of the available interview times, please email csi@kent.edu

Where do the interviews take place?
Interviews with take place in the Kent Student Center. When you sign up for a time and date, please note the specific room location. 

Do I need to bring anything to my interview?
No, the selection committee will have your application on hand.

Who is on the selection committee?
The selection committee is a group of Kent State faculty, staff, students and KSU alumni. This group can be anywhere from six to 10 people. Be prepared to be interviewed by a group.

How is the selection committee picked?
The individuals on the selection committee are picked based on involvement with the university as alumni, as students and as advocates for Kent State. They understand what qualities to look for when selecting students that truly represent Kent State University.

What kind of questions will be asked?
The committee is looking for well-rounded Kent State students. Be prepared to share your knowledge of Kent State and your experience as a student.

How long is the interview?
The interview typically lasts 15 minutes. Candidates are asked questions and there is time left for the candidate to ask any questions for the selection committee.

What should I wear to the interview? Just like any interview, business attire is encouraged. Women should wear knee-length skirts or dress pants with a dress shirt and jacket. Men should wear dress pants, shirt, tie and jacket.


When will I know if I made Homecoming Court?
You will be contacted the week following interviews with your status.

How many students are selected for Court?
Twelve students are selected as Kent Campus representatives on the Homecoming Court.

I feel I am a well-rounded student and I did great on my interview, but I was not selected for court. What can I do?
When the announcement of Homecoming Court is made, the decision is final. Every year it is increasingly hard for the committee to select just 12 students to represent Kent State. If you were not selected, we hope it does not hinder your entire Kent State experience and that you still remain proud of all your accomplishments.

What are the time commitments of the Homecoming Court?
There will be one or two general Homecoming Court meetings arranged by the chairs. These meetings will be determined by the schedules of the court members. The court will be scheduled to attend Homecoming week activities. These dates and times will be given to the court during the court meetings.

The Homecoming Court also takes on a community service project. It is up to the court members to decide what kind of project they would like to do. It could be volunteering for one day or continually collecting items until the day of Homecoming.

How are the Homecoming Royalty selected?
Each court member has a growing score based on several criteria held by the Homecoming Court Selection Committee. This information remains confidential to keep the selection of royalty as fair as possible