Homecoming Parade FAQ

Can we play music on our float?

Yes, within reason, being considerate of the units around you in the parade. Refer to FAB@kent.edu for further clarification.

Do you need volunteers to help on the day of the parade?

At this point we do not need volunteers due to the staff requirements to work that day.


Is there a maximum number of participants?

There is a cap of 150 parade entries.

Are there regulations regarding floats- dimensions, music, etc.?

All floats must follow/meet federal, state and local laws related to travel on public roads. Floats must be legal to drive on streets, no longer than approximately 50’ in length, and no wider than one lane.


Are animals allowed in the parade?

The parade staff has made the decision to limit animal participation, with the exception of guide/working dogs, if appropriate.


How long is the parade?

The parade will take approximately 1-1 ½ hours from step off to conclusion. The parade route is approximately 1.5 miles long.