2016 Question of the Week Archives

2016 Questions

What kind of voluntary, guaranteed life insurance is available to employees? (1/18/16)

How did Kent State’s Vision Coverage Benefit Change in 2016? (1/25/16)

What is the deadline to spend all remaining funds in my Flexible Spending Account? (2/1/16)

What type of optional short-term disability insurance is available for employees? (2/8/16)

What is the date for the 20-Year Club Service Award Program? (2/22/16)

What voluntary cancer insurance is available for employees? (2/29/16)

Are employee discounts available for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? (3/7/16)

What are the initial steps to take when considering retirement? (3/14/16)

Does the Leap Year change the deadline to request reimbursement for any remaining funds in my 2015 Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA)? (3/21/16)

How do I complete a classified self-evaluation form online? (3/28/16)

What is the process for destroying records? (4/4/16)

What types of voluntary life insurance plans are being offered to employees by AFLAC? (4/11/16)

What’s the procedure for requesting a personnel record? (4/18/16)

What is the purpose of an I-9 form and where is it located? (4/25/16)

Is Your Beyond Compliance Training Completed? (5/2/16)

I am a faculty/staff member leaving or retiring from the university. What happens to my email? (5/9/16)

Does Kent State offer any smoking cessation resources? (6/13/16)

Do Kent State employees qualify for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program? (6/27/16)

Does Kent State offer child car seat safety inspections for employees? (7/11/16)

Are new hires required to complete the Beyond Compliance Requirement? (7/25/16)

What is the 2016/2017 holiday schedule? (8/8/16)

Are Kent State employees eligible for fall discounts at Cedar Point? (8/29/16)

Which employees are members of the 2016/17 class for the Institute for Excellence? (9/5/16)

What are the dates for upcoming Title IX workshops? (9/19/16)

What are the dates for 2017 Open Enrollment? (9/26/16)

What is the date of this year’s Veterans Day recognition ceremony? (10/10/16)

HR Question of the Week: How can you stop sexual harassment and sexual violence? (10/17/16)

Will Kent State conduct another child car seat safety inspection this fall? (10/24/16)

Do Kent State employees get a discount at the Kent State Hotel? (10/31/16)

When is open enrollment for vendor-approved life insurance policies? (11/14/16)

How do I make a United Way pledge or payroll deduction? (11/21/16)