Employee Anniversaries nov 24

Kent State University congratulates the following employees for achieving anniversary milestones in the month of November.

Name Title Service Years Department Campus
King, Donald J. Paint Shop Supervisor 5 Repair Of Buildings Kent Campus
King, Robert W. Marketing Coordinator 5 Dean, Trumbull Campus Trumbull Campus
Penny, Dianna M Housekeeping Manager 5 Residence Services Kent Campus
Prudoff, Alison M. Nurse Practitioner - NE 5 University Health Services Kent Campus
Schafer, Donald H. Team Leader, Information Services 5 Disaster Recovery Kent Campus
Smith, Diane E. Personnel Assistant 5 Records/Operations Kent Campus
Bowser, Laura J. Applications Developer 10 Business Intelligence Kent Campus
Collins, Mary A. Secretary 10 Dean, Ashtabula Campus Ashtabula Campus
Dawson, Sheryl L. Chef 10 Dean, Stark Campus Stark Campus
Dehoff, Brian N. Senior Applications Developer 10 Admin Affairs & Graduate Education Kent Campus
Francis, Todd C. Physical Therapist - NE 10 University Health Services Kent Campus
Fritz, Anne M. Administrative Clerk 10 Dean, Stark Campus Stark Campus
Kennedy, Maureen A. Director, College of Business - Finance & Business 10 Dean Business Administration Kent Campus
Laughlin, Margaret E. Secretary 10 Dean, Stark Campus Stark Campus
Laughlin, Tia L. Manager, Human Resources Records 10 Records/Operations Kent Campus
Licata, Tony C. Access Control Technician 10 Lock & Access Services Kent Campus
Bruder, Michael E. Executive Director, Facilities, Planning & Design 15 Office of the University Architect Kent Campus
Gardner, Brian T. Lecturer 15 Dean AEST Kent Campus
Holyfield, Jean C. Cash Processing Coordinator 15 Bursar's Office Kent Campus
Manchester, Peggy D. Associate Professor 15 Mathematical Science Salem Campus
Piscura, Carol J. Senior Secretary 15 University Health Services Kent Campus
Frahmann, Donna D. Administrative Clerk 20 Procurement Kent Campus
Spotts, Julie A. Web, E-Comm & Recruit Spec 20 Dean, Stark Campus Stark Campus
Warren, Thomas M. Associate Professor 20 University Libraries Kent Campus
Burford, Robert J. Marketing Coordinator 25 University Communications & Marketing Kent Campus
Carper, Denise M. Senior Secretary 25 Dance Kent Campus
Eisentraut, Mark D. Groundskeeper 25 Care Of Grounds Kent Campus
Mizicko Beler, Bernadette S. Lecturer 25 English Kent Campus
Pearson, Lillie D. Receptionist 25 Residence Services Kent Campus
Underwood, William G. Director, University Press 25 University Press Kent Campus
Lovin, Mary C. Administrative Assistant 30 University Libraries Kent Campus
Romanski, Susan A. Administrative Clerk 30 Admissions Office Kent Campus
Vig, Michael L. General Manager, University Dining Services 30 University Dining Services Kent Campus
West, John L. Trustees Research Professor 30 Dean Arts & Sciences Kent Campus
This list is provided by the Division of Human Resources based on university records.