FLSA Employee FAQs

Can I take any earned overtime as comp time?
Can I work overtime whenever I choose?
My supervisor has asked me to change my work schedule to avoid working overtime. Can I choose to work overtime instead?
Do I have to punch a time clock (clock in and clock out) every day?
Will I have to clock in and out for lunch every day?
How will I report overtime?
How will I report exception time (vacation, sick, and personal time)?
I’m used to having some flexibility with my work schedule. Will that continue if I’m salaried, non-exempt?
How will vacation and PTO accrue for employees who will be salaried nonexempt as of Dec. 1, 2016?
Where can I go for more information?
What is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)?
Why were changes made to the FLSA?
What are the changes?
When do the changes take effect?
What does this mean for Kent State University employees?
What are the exemptions for higher education?
What is the difference between an exempt and a non-exempt employee?
Could the Dec. 1 implementation date be delayed?
How do I know if this federal change will impact my job?
What if I’m a represented (union) employee?