FLSA FAQs for Managers and Supervisors

Are all employees on all Kent State campuses affected by the overtime changes?
Are there exceptions to the new salary threshold under the FLSA?
What will happen to employees who are currently exempt from overtime, but whose salaries are below the new threshold of $47,476?
How is overtime calculated?
Will the affected employees have to punch a time clock (clock in and clock out) every day?
What should I discuss with my employees who are becoming eligible for overtime?
How will salaried non-exempt employees report overtime?
How will salaried non-exempt employees report exception time (vacation, sick, and personal time)?
Does an employee need to be paid for overtime if I did not approve it?
Will a non-exempt employee still get a check if I don’t approve and submit their time reports on time?
How will vacation and sick leave accrue for employees who will be salaried nonexempt as of Dec. 1, 2016?
Does time spent answering emails or using a mobile phone for work outside of normal hours count towards overtime for non-exempt employees?
What happens if employees move from full-time to part-time? Can they remain exempt?
How are employees on a leave of absence or extended sick time impacted by the 2016 FLSA changes?
Are nine- and 10-month assignment employees impacted by the 2016 FLSA changes?
If salaried non-exempt employees are “on-call” outside of work hours, is this paid overtime?