I'm Retiring, Faculty

Begin Your Retirement Journey

Waterfall web Image The information provided in this section is exclusively for all Kent State University faculty members who are considering retirement. 

Feedback from some of our recent retirees has helped us identify parts of the retirement process that could be made easier for our valued employees to navigate. In response, we have created this website where you will find the forms, applicable polices and contact information that you need to get this process started. In addition, we've included tips and insights from recent retirees based on their own experiences.

We hope that you find this information helpful as you make this important life decision. 

Please let us know how we can help by contacting Faculty Affairs at vcourie@kent.edu.

Please Note: Faculty retiring under the University Employee Separation Plan (UESP) will have different terms based on their signed UESP agreement.

  • Do not get sick payout (This is paid out as part of the UESP incentive).
  • Returning to work prior to the payout of the UESP incentive will require additional permissions from the appropriate personnel.
  • May be limited in the number of courses and duration of the assignment.