I'm Retiring, Staff

Begin Your Retirement Journey

Waterfall Web ImageThe information provided in this section is exclusively for all Kent State University staff members who are considering retirement. 

Feedback from some of our recent retirees has helped us identify parts of the retirement process that could be made easier for our valued employees to navigate. In response, we have created this website where you will find the forms, applicable policies and contact information that you need to get this process started. In addition, we've included tips and insights from recent retirees based on their own experiences.

We hope that you find this information helpful as you make this important life decision. 

Please let us know how we can help by contacting Human Resources at hrweb@kent.edu

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Step 1

Contact Your Retirement System

We encourage you to contact your retirement system approximately six months to one year in advance of your retirement date to determine what works best for you. 

Additional Information on State and Alternative Retirement Plans

Please select from the different retirement systems below. 

Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP)

Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS)

State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio (STRS)     

Step 2

Submit Retirement Notification

As a staff member, your appointment has been in an academic unit. After you have contacted your retirement system, the next step to initiate the formal retirement process at Kent State is to send written notification of your intent to retire to the administrator of your academic unit (Department Chair, School Director, College Dean or Regional Campus Dean).

  • You may prepare a letter of intent to retire or complete, sign and provide your administrator with a Notice of Voluntary Resignation form.
  • In this letter, please include your actual retirement date and the date of the last day worked at Kent State University.

By receiving this notification, either letter or form, your unit administrator will set a series of processes in motion within the Division of Human Resources which will culminate on the date that you selected to retire.

Don't worry, questions while you make this life-changing decision are normal. Staff members in Academic Personnel and the Division of Human Resources are here to help you along the way. 

Step 3

Contact the Benefits Office

Set up an appointment with a Benefits Coordinator by email at benefits@kent.edu or phone at 330-672-3107 to discuss the following:

  • KSU health and life insurance coverage end dates
  • Medicare Verification of Coverage form (if needed)
  • Supplemental Retirement Options 
  • Sick leave payout
    • If you have 10 years of service or more, you are entitled to be paid one fourth of your sick leave balance, up to a maximum of 30 days, at your current rate of pay. Upon request, the sick leave conversion would be paid one pay period after your last regular pay according to Administrative Policy (6-11.1 [F]). 
    • Complete the sick leave conversion form which allows for your sick leave to be paid out upon retirement. Email the completed form to Academic Personnel at academic_personnel@kent.edu.
  • Vacation leave payout
    • If you hold a twelve month appointment, your unused vacation will paid to you according to the procedures described in Administrative Policy (6-11.7 [3][d]).
  • Letter for retiree parking pass and Flashcard ID
  • Information about Kent State Retiree and Emeritus benefits

Step 4

Prepare for Information Technology Changes

Upon retirement from Kent State you may retain your Kent State User ID for email. Your email address will be changed to a Gmail account.

Visit the Retiree Access page for additional information on:

  • Email
  • Microsoft applications
  • KSUProxy/Library Resource access
  • Flashline

If there is an ongoing business need, other access may be requested for you by your department. A Third Party Access form would need to be completed and emailed to Security and Access Management at security@kent.edu. For additional questions, call Security and Access Management at 330-672-5566. 

Step 5

Maintaining your KSU Connection

As a Kent State Retiree you have many opportunities to stay connected. 

  • KSU Retiree FLASHcard: Bring your official written notification of your earned retirement or emeritus status, along with your current FLASHcard to the FLASHcard office (Lower Level Kent Student Center), to get your new Retiree FLASHcard.
  • KSU Retiree Parking Pass: Bring your current permit and your retiree FLASHcard to Parking Services to be issued a Retiree permit. When it is time to renew your permit, a letter with instructions for permit renewals will be sent to you. Retiree permit renewals must be done in person at the Parking Services office.
  • 20 Year Club: Retirees can continue to enjoy the company of friends, colleagues and peers. To receive information register with HR Office of Engagement and Outreach at engage@kent.edu.
  • Additional Retiree and Emeritus Benefits