IX. Additional Conditions

As a condition of participation in the Plan, and in consideration of benefits to be received under the Plan, an Eligible Employee shall be required to waive all future employment rights and property rights, all entitlement to future wage and benefit increases, and all rights to participate in any University-sponsored benefit plans (other than the right to payments under this Plan and the right to purchase continuation of health care coverage as is required under applicable federal law).  The University and/or Board of Trustees reserve the right to offer or not offer similar plans in the future, without obligation to those electing to participate in this Plan.

An Eligible Employee who wishes to elect to participate in the Plan shall be required to execute and to deliver to Human Resources all of the following documents before the end of the Window Period.  Documents will be considered delivered to Human Resources if they are delivered in person, via registered mail, or electronically and received by Human Resources before the end of the Window Period. For enhanced security and to expedite processing, eligible employees may complete all forms electronically via DocuSign.

•    “Release and Waiver of Claims Agreement” 
•    “Notice of Enrollment & Employee Information Form” 
•    “Benefit Payment Schedule Election” 
•    “Beneficiaries for Plan Payments” (optional)