Collective Bargaining Management Update - Feb. 28

Today's message is to update you on the latest developments in Kent State University's negotiations with AAUP-KSU.

AAUP-KSU has notified its membership of plans to conduct an informational picket during the Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday, March 6. The stated purpose of this picket is to "urge the administration to return to the table" to continue negotiations.

While the university respects AAUP-KSU's right to engage in informational picketing, AAUP-KSU's stated reason for doing so is confusing given the fact that, as was stated in the university's Jan. 24 Management Update, the parties agreed at their last mediation session to schedule additional sessions as the fact-finding process moves forward. In the spirit of this commitment, in early February, the university initiated the scheduling of two additional mediation sessions — now set for March 11 and 13.

To be clear, the university has consistently demonstrated its willingness to meet and negotiate in good faith. In addition, the university has willingly cooperated in the fact-finding process initiated by AAUP-KSU. After reaching mutual agreement on the selection of the fact-finder, the university and AAUP-KSU agreed this week to some late April dates proposed by the fact-finder.

University leaders value our faculty and are committed to a fair contract. Kent State will offer the most generous wages and benefits possible within our fiscal constraints.

We all understand that contract negotiations, by their very nature, tend to be contentious at times. We are committed to maintaining maintaining cordial, respectful relationships but will continue to correct misstatements or errors of fact when they occur.

The university absolutely agrees with AAUP-KSU that "we are stronger together" as a united Kent State community — one that is dedicated to reaching agreement on a fair contract while living our values of kindness, respect and purpose in all we do.

POSTED: Thursday, February 28, 2019 04:00 PM
Updated: Thursday, February 28, 2019 05:19 PM