CPM Faculty and Staff Celebrate 20 or More Years

Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine (CPM) has only existed in its current form for eight years. Formerly known as the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, it was acquired by Kent State University in 2012, which has afforded students and employees an array of new opportunities and resources.

While our alumni may still be warming up to the idea of being a Golden Flash, or may not recognize the CPM campus in Independence, many of them have formed lasting connections to the nineteen unique individuals that have worked for the college for two, three and even four decades. 

Please join CPM in recognizing the nineteen faculty and staff members who have been with the College for twenty years or more – through the move to Independence, the merge with Kent State University, and the graduation of thousands of doctors of podiatric medicine.

41 Years: Stephanie Starks Anderson, Business Manager of the Cleveland Foot & Ankle Clinic
Hire date: February 23, 1979

40 Years: Joan Lannoch, Senior Graphic Designer
Hire date: October 1980

40 Years: Donna Perzeski, Library Director
Hire date: June 16, 1980

38 Years: Larry Osher, DPM, Professor
Hire date: July 1, 1982

36 Years: Edweana Robinson, MD, MPH, Adjunct Faculty
Hire date: July 9, 1984

31 Years: Vincent Hetherington, DPM, Senior Associate Dean
Hire date: January 1, 1989

31 Years: Kathy Siesel, DPM, Associate Professor
Hire date: July 1, 1989

30 Years: Joann Eble, Assistant Professor
Hire date: August 1, 1989

30 Years: Mary Mooney, MD, Adjunct Faculty
Hire date: November 9, 1989

27 Years: Stephanie Belovich, PhD, Associate Professor
Hire date: July 1, 1993

27 Years: Scott Spencer, DPM, Associate Professor & Interim Clinic Director, CFAC
Hire date: August 9, 1993

26 Years: Kathy Wright, Assistant Director, Financial Aid & Student Services
Hire date: June 3, 1994

25 Years: Rita DiLoreto, Business Officer
Hire date: May 1, 1995

24 Years: Jill Kawalec, PhD, Professor & Director of Research & Division Head: Pre-Clinical Sciences
Hire date: August 1, 1996

22 Years: Barbara Strong, Special Assistant
Hire date: May 4, 1998

22 Years: Tim Whittingham, Adjunct Faculty
Hire date: August 1, 1998

22 Years: Michelle Gerhard, Special Assistant
Hire date: November 3, 1998

21 Years: Lori Albert, Executive Assistant
Hire date: March 1, 1999

21 Years: Joe Johnson, Custodial Worker
Hire date: October 18, 1999

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UPDATED: Sunday, June 7, 2020 - 7:11am