Filling Open Positions

It is a significant goal of the university to enhance the diversity of its faculty and staff employees.  In addition, and related to this, the job and career success of all employees is an ongoing objective. To that end,  open positions, either newly created or resulting from transfer or turnover, should be posted.  This will allow those who believe they are qualified, whether from within or outside of the involved department or division, to apply or otherwise indicate their interest.  In this way, the ability to identify a well-qualified candidate will be enhanced, while providing opportunities for employee promotion and development.

It is recognized that, in certain cases, a waiver of posting allowing for the placement of a particular employee into the position may be appropriate.  If it is expected the current position of the employee being promoted will be back filled, then a waiver may be requested. Pursuant to policy 6- 02.102, this request will typically be granted when three conditions are met:  the employee possesses the education and experience as stated on the job description, direct experience in the unit has been established as necessary and relevant, and when the unit’s current composition is such that granting the waiver would not seriously impede affirmative action progress. Note that a waiver would not in turn apply to the position which is to be back filled.

Finally, there are some cases in which an internal promotion rather than a posting may be reasonable.  For example, if a majority of the duties/work involved with the open position are already being performed by the employee being considered, this will often be a basis for proceeding with a request for an internal promotion.  If the intention is to backfill the employee’s current position, then a request for waiver would be the more appropriate course of action.  

Internal promotions and requests for waiver of postings may be part of career mobility and may benefit protected classes.  In any event, the approach to filling open positions should, in all cases, be considered with an appreciation of the affirmative action and equity objectives of the university.

This article is approved by the Strategic Hiring Committee.

POSTED: Wednesday, December 8, 2021 11:43 AM
Updated: Monday, March 13, 2023 01:27 PM
Jack Witt, Vice President for Human Resources