Universal Electronic Survey of Student Instruction (SSI) Arrives at Kent

The new Electronic Survey of Student Instruction (SSI) arrives at Kent State this fall. SSI provides an environmentally friendly and convenient alternative to the traditional paper surveys used in classrooms. It also expands the functionality of the electronic surveys that, until this fall, were used exclusively for online courses. SSI allows departments, schools and faculty to customize questions and release dates.

The change in the SSI was approved by the Faculty Senate in Spring 2018. Since then, representatives from Academic Operations and Administration, the Faculty Senate, and the Center for Teaching and Learning have implemented the system, developed informational and training materials, and interacted with unit administrators and course schedulers to ease the transition process.

Information and resources for students, faculty and staff are being updated on a regular basis and made available at the Flash Survey website.

Questions regarding technical or operational aspects of the new system can be directed to Anthony Parker, system support specialist for Academic Affairs Operations and Administration, at flashsurvey@kent.edu. General questions about the interpretation or incorporation of SSIs in a faculty member’s portfolio for review can be addressed to Jenny Marcinkiewicz, director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, at ctl@kent.edu. Direct questions on the development of the new SSI to Pamela Grimm, chair of Faculty Senate at pgrimm@kent.edu.

UPDATED: Friday, December 09, 2022 08:22 AM