Vacation Anyone? Don't Lose Out!

If you are a classified or unclassified employee who accrues vacation, be sure to check your leave balances to see if you are at risk of losing any accrued vacation time. According to the university policy regarding annual vacation leave for nonteaching unclassified and classified personnel, the maximum amount of vacation an employee can accrue is that which can be earned in a three-year period.

Employees who are over their accrual maximum must use the time by Sept. 30; if not, they will lose any vacation hours accrued beyond the maximum. Vacation hours are earned each pay period and vary according to the employee’s years of service with Kent State and job appointment (i.e., classified or unclassified status). An explanation of vacation accrual rates, eligibility and usage is available at

All employees who earn vacation are reminded to report and submit their leave promptly. Accurate and timely reporting is important to make sure the time is being deducted correctly, and that you are not exceeding your accrual maximum. Employees can easily check their leave balance on the Employee Dashboard in FlashLine. For more detailed information, select the Employee Profile Dashboard from the Top Employee Resources section and then the Full Leave Balance Information link. You may then compare your balance with the Vacation Leave Accrual chart that can be found at the website listed above.

On July 15, the HR Records office notified employees by email if they were at risk of losing any vacation hours over the policy maximum.

If you have questions, please contact a member of the HR Records team at 330-672-8316.