Webinar: Gratitude & Stress Relief

Keeping with our April focus on gratitude, the Employee Wellness Office brings you our April 10 webinar, Gratitude & Stress Relief. Our presenter will be Bill Frankel. Bill is a licensed counselor, executive coach, and principal of Be Well Solutions.

As humans, we often don’t take the time to appreciate the good in our lives. You may be asking, with our current pandemic, should we still feel grateful even when circumstances feel grim? The answer is YES – not only will a grateful attitude help – it is essential. It is precisely under crisis conditions when we have the most to gain by a grateful perspective on life. Research suggests that expressing gratitude can be a powerful tool to help reduce stress and disease. Some of what Bill will lead and engage participants in, includes the following:

  • Explore the meaning of gratitude
  • Review the research indicating a strong relationship between gratitude and well-being
  • Learn different gratitude techniques that can be applied in daily life
  • Practice an example of gratitude
  • Discuss the expression of gratitude during difficult times

Register for this webinar, which takes place from noon – 1 p.m. on Fri., April 10. This session is open to all full- and part-time faculty and staff. For individuals participating in the Wellness Your Way reward program, this session is worth 10 points towards your Tier 2 totals.

POSTED: Friday, April 3, 2020 - 5:06pm
UPDATED: Monday, April 13, 2020 - 2:06pm