Retention Points

Retention points are a measure of seniority within the classified civil service. Retention points are calculated for full-time and part-time classified civil service employees. Full-time service shall include service as a full-time permanent, full-time seasonal, full-time interim or full-time temporary employee.

Upon hire, a classified civil service employee receives 100 points, and continues to accumulate retention points for continuous service.  Retention points accumulate based on an employee primary work assignment only.

  • Full-time employees in active pay status earn one retention point for each bi-weekly pay period of continuous service.
  • Part-time employees in active pay status earn one-half point for each bi-weekly pay period of continuous service.

"Continuous service" is defined as the uninterrupted service of an employee with a state agency, a county office or a state-supported college or university where no break in service occurs. "Break in service" is defined as a separation of service of thirty-one days or more. Continuous service for the purposes of retention points include: 

  1. A transfer from one state department or agency to another, or to or from the university, if there is no break in service.  Employees with applicable prior service credit are eligible to have the appropriate credit points for that service credited to their KSU retention points total. Prior service from a state department or agency other than KSU, must be provided in writing to the Human Resources Records department in order to receive applicable credit towards retention points;
  2. An authorized leave of absence and continuous service retention points shall continue to accumulate during the term of a leave of absence provided the employee returns to state or university service following the leave;
  3. When a laid off employee is reinstated or re-employed within one year from the date of layoff. However, continuous retention points shall not accumulate during the period of layoff;
  4. A disability separation. However, continuous retention points shall not accumulate during the period of separation.

Service as a student-employee shall not be credited as service for purposes of determining continuous service retention points.

Policy 3342-6-04.1 Administrative Policy Regarding Layoff of Position Abolishment for Classified Civil Service Not in a Recognized Bargaining Unit

Ohio Revised Code Retention Points

Human Resources shall prepare and post a listing of classifications and classification series that may potentially be affected as a result of the strategic positioning process. Retention points will be calculated for each employee in each classification affected by layoff or position abolishment, as well as employees in the classification in which displacement may occur. Retention points shall be calculated in conformity with applicable Ohio Revised Code regulations.

Retention points for those affected classifications and classification series will be posted for a period of one year beginning from the initial date of layoff or position abolishment. Postings may be adjusted based on recall/reinstatement regulations.

Please contact the Human Resources–Records department at 330-672-8316 with questions related to retention points.