Retired Faculty/Staff

The KSURA meets 9-10 times a year and the meetings are open to all retired Kent State faculty, staff, and spouses. Most meetings are monthly, conducted virtually at the present time.

The Kent State University Retirees Association (KSURA, formerly the KRFA) is a group of retirees who desire to:

  • Continue their involvement with university colleagues
  • Stay informed about Kent State programs, research and service initiatives, creative projects, travel and volunteer opportunities
  • Keep members updated on any changes to healthcare or other benefits provided through the state retirement systems

KSURA Officers 2020-21:

President: Rick Feinberg,



Vice President: Drew Tiene,


    Appointed Positions:

    KSURA Supporting Students

    We have given emergency support to five students needing computer supplies with possible others to be awarded from Fund #12275 & more money is still needed. We are building toward a named endowment (Acct# 36025) to include names of donors. Please see the attached file at the side for details on how to give Online or via an IRA Rollover. If you have further questions, contact Nancy Wagner, 330-672-0424,