SHC Exemptions

Recent updates as of 9/28/23

Position Control Forms and SHC approval are no longer needed for the exemptions below. However, changes to positions are still required to follow the regular procedures of position review as outlined by Human Resources and Compensation which may include a Salary Offer Worksheet (SOW). These adjustments are intended to further enhance the Strategic Hiring process and are a direct change as a result of the work of the Lean session participants and the SHC Preparation Team in collaboration with the Strategic Hiring Committee. The strategic hiring process will continue to evolve and change to best serve the University.

Exemption for the Division of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement (DPAE) positions:

  • Effective September 2023, DPAE positions are exempt from Strategic Hiring Committee review. The DPAE will continue to comply with Human Resources procedures and operate within the parameters of the university pay schedules. 

Exemption for replacement* positions that will be posted:

  • AFSCME Custodial Staff; 

  •  AFSCME All Campus Preventative Maintenance (ACPM) Specialist;

  • All Auxiliary AFSCME/Classified Food Service Positions;

  • Academic Advisors;

  • And One Stop Counselors

*Replacement positions are defined as equal or lower to the current position in terms of title and pay grade. In addition, requests to create new positions, including the above-mentioned categories, are still required to seek SHC review/approval.

Exemption of new grant funded positions:

  • Position creation or position replacement (100% grant funded) and;  

  • Positions split funded between the grant and cost share totaling 100% of the salary and;

  • Increases to salary for these positions that are due to NIH guidelines. Funding for these positions are guided by the grant. Each grant’s Principal Investigator, Grants Accounting, and Sponsored Programs provides oversight for these positions and funding. Compensation is still required to review pay increases, promotions, and title changes.

Exemption for replacement of faculty roles of chairs and directors:

  • These positions are governed by the Collective Bargaining Agreement and as such, Academic Personnel determines the salary.

Exemptions for renewals for the following type of positions:

  • 100% grant funded positions and;

  • Positions split funded between the grant and cost share totaling 100% of the salary and;

  • Intermittent positions. 

Promotions for defined career ladder positions are exempt as follows:

  • Academic Advisor

  • One Stop Counselor

  • Police Officer

Continued exemption for the following positions:

  • Short-term staff hires are excluded from the SHC review (4 months or less).

    • Compensation still must review department request.

  • Student positions.